The Test

Sorry, i have technical issues with the game, so meanwhile you can visit THIS LINK!!! in order to see the demo showed here, be warned that the link is not in english, as it's NOT MY DEFAULT LANGUALGE XP

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

Problem Solved!

GG Maker is back with it's owner, meaning that It will keeping updating again! NOW BACK IN BUSINESS BABY!

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

O NO! GG Maker is no longer supported in steam!!!!
as you can read in that link, GG Maker Is no longer Délgica business. What that means for this project? Since i´be bought precisely the steam version (that Délgica SUPPORTED, it means, it NO LONGER DOES)......or I am screwed to do all again in another engine (which is sad as I really liked GG Maker for it's potential) or I buy a monthly subscription to 001 (which is impractical in my particular case, as I don't have the free time to efficiently use a monthly subscription) Which, for the project is reduced to MOAR TIME WASTED!

great.....o well, can't give up now, can I? no, I shouldn't. I must stay DETERMINED!

MUST FINISH THIS! Even if I have to start from scratch...again...

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

Musical Loop deduced!

after wallbanging, and there were no bugs or weird things, thanks to the always friendly forum pals, , well, I can finally do Musical Loops......but watching This post it's almost a door to a childhood dream to become true! OOOH my God...thanks for such beautiful opportunities! I don't want a Mario game, but at least a famous Nintendo-only game, that it's actually too munch to ask, since it requires a complete, dedicated and united team, and I am a lone programmer (not that there wasn't people who tried and succeeded, Un-epic, is a follow to- example) . long story short, must work with what I have. and finish unfinished business.....

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Time for a little experimentation

Well, is not as easy to animate here, but at least you can use more than 1 sprite to do the job (or modular animation, not as easy than in flash, but better than nothing) well, time to experiment a little, let's see if I can program the CAGUAMONSTER BACK!!!!! mwahahahahahahah

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015

First Problem solved!

Figured out how to add slopes with the engine, now for the bosses....

Wish me luck!

miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015

Considering options

It is easy to handle some things in GG maker, but the things I like to do appear to be the most difficult in GG maker; Bosses and a simple "step" to walk and not have to jump much.

If I can not find an effective solution to both problems, since I am in full time work and barely have time to advance to the game, I have to start again from 0 to Flash Player even though it is not as supported as before. (asdfsdfsadStarlingasdasda)

Well, the truth is more difficult to do the easy in Flash (levels and set the foundations of the game), but the hard thing is easy on flash (animate and program Super epic bosses), you understand me? well, never mind, the fact is that I am more clogged than usual.

sábado, 18 de julio de 2015

Finally back to action!

Hello there! I guess it's back in action time! so it's time to me to say that I finally decided to continue the series, despite the lack of time. Anyways, Gotta finish all what I started, and since the death of Iwata, may he rest in peace, "Welp, I never gonna end If I keep postponing like this" So there ya go, back to game creation, and since flash is pretty munch screwed since  HTML5 is badass in some ways, well, better grab some new tools. Hopefully, I can recreate or create a better gameplay for the game and make some interesting things I coudn't do before. So stay tuned, because I am Back in action!

You can guess which is my new tool of the trade. So stay tuned if anything new happens!